CERASMART270 is an aesthetic hybrid block made to provide fast and long lasting clinical success. Thanks
to the newly developed “Full Coverage Silane Coating” (FSC) with improved nanofiller technology,
CERASMART270 offers high physical and aesthetic properties. The milling is fast and efficient, making it
possible to create a qualitative restoration with fine margins and optimal fit in a very short time. Additionally, it can be polished or characterised for more vibrant aesthetics. CERASMART270 is the right block to use, be it for a quick onlay or a challenging wear case.

Superior strength to endure mastication forces

  • High filler rate thanks to FSC technology
  • Improved flexural strength for restoration that resist time
  • High resistance to fracture

Flexibility to absorb shock effects

  • Less stress peaks during chewing
  • Decreased risk of material fatigue
  • Extremely well suited for implant restorations

Wear resistance for long lasting restorations

  • Very low wear
  • Ideal for bruxist patients
  • High gloss retention

Sharp margins that ensure a smooth transition

Very precise and smooth margins, without chipping, after quick and easy milling to guarantee a natural fit.

Superior polishability and gloss retention

Thanks to its fine-filler content, CERASMART270 is very easily polished and maintains a much higher gloss rate than its competitors for the same amount of time.

Shades that blend in naturally

Optimal fluorescence and translucency

Choose your finishing path

Easy and fast pre-treatment and luting options

Luting options for restorations that last

Increase of the vertical dimension

With its high flexural strength and breaking energy, CERASMART270 is perfectly suited to solve challenging occlusal situations. Its balanced surface hardness will be especially beneficial in reducing the wear of the opposing dentition, while ensuring a long-lasting gloss of the restoration.

Single visit restorations

With CERASMART270 you can create durable aesthetic restorations with optimal fit in a single visit. The restoration will be milled in a few minutes and yet it will be very friendly to your milling burs.

Replacement of a large composite restoration with parapulpal pins

The right choice for large, load-bearing restorations.

Implant-supported crown

The elasticity of CERASMART270 is especially useful when placing an implant supported crown.

Restoration of a second molar

Natural blending with only one shade make it a great material for a standard molar restoration.

Restoration of a quadrant

Perfect for creating several restorations in one appointment.


A1 HT1212540141257614L12612
A2 HT1212541141257714L12613
A3 HT1212542141257814L12614
A3.5 HT1212543141257914L12615
B1 HT1212544141258014L12616
A1 LT1212545141258114L12617
A2 LT1212546141258214L12618
A3 LT1212547141258314L12619
A3.5 LT1212548141258414L12620
B1 LT1212550141258614L12622


A1 HT1212552141258814L12624
A2 HT1212553141258914L12625
A3 HT1212554141259014L12626
A3.5 HT1212555141259114L12627
B1 HT1212556141259214L12628
A1 LT1212557141259314L12629
A2 LT1212558141259414L12630
A3 LT1212559141259514L12631
A3.5 LT1212560141259614L12632
B1 LT1212562141259814L12634