Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

zirconiaZirconia crowns and dental bridges are made from high-grade zirconium oxide; now you can achieve the best of both worlds with beautiful all-ceramic crowns with the strength of crowns made from ceramic fused to metal. Lava crowns and bridges are not an alternative to PFM, but rather a replacement.
Zirconia crowns and dental bridges are the strongest, most aesthetically pleasing restorations on the market and the innovative mechanical properties of the zirconia restorations allows for the fabrication and positioning of units up to 6mm in length without any compromise on durability or life expectancy.

What are the Advantages?

Zirconia restorations are extremely strong and hard-wearing
There is a range of versatile coloured zirconium frameworks available for optimum aesthetics
CAD/CAM design

How Does Lava Benefit Patients and Dentists?brux

Restorations are very strong, meaning they can be used in the anterior and posterior teeth
Restorations are durable, giving you peace of mind
Coloured zirconium frameworks provide the best aesthetics with a beautiful translucent glow
CAD/CAM design facilitates accuracy and precision, producing excellent, reliable results every time

Full Zirconia

Excellent biocompatibility. Solid zirconia will not chip or fracture as ceramic crowns may do under heavy occlusal force.

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