e.max Restorations


At Absolute Dental Laboratory we use the very latest techniques and technology to produce optimum quality restorations and appliances to improve function and enhance aesthetics. IPS E.max is a metal-free treatment, which contributes to flawless aesthetics, as well as providing strength and durability. IPS E.max uses Pressable CAD/CSM technologies.

IPS E.max has been designed and developed with a range of factors in mind. Clients can choose from a variety of different frameworks, while maintaining the same veneer work, which results in a natural finish every time and the treatment is straight-forward, accessible and functional.

We are a forward-thinking dental laboratory and we pride ourselves in offering clients the latest techniques and products, as well as first class customer service.

Preparation Guidelines (PDF download)


  • High strength (400 MPa) and high esthetics
  • Minimally invasive, accurately fitting restorations
  • Four levels of translucency and additional Impulse ingots for maximum flexibility
  • Lifelike esthetics, irrespective of the shade of the preparation
  • Adhesive, self-adhesive or conventional cementation depending on the indication


  • (Thin) veneers
  • Minimally invasive inlays/onlays (1 mm)
  • Partial crowns and crowns
  • Bridges in the anterior and premolar region
  • implant superstructures

IPS e.max Cementation

Variolink II / Variolink Veneer

The dual-curing, highly esthetic luting composite Variolink II has provided excellent clinical results for more than 10 years. For the cementation of veneers, the light-curing Variolink Veneer is used, which permits a brightening or darkening of the ceramic restoration with its special shade concept.

Multilink Automix

The universal luting composite Multilink Automix offers a broad range of indications. It provides high bonding strength and an excellent durable bond. Together with the primer A/B, the dentin is sealed and good marginal adaptation is achieved.

Multilink Hybrid Abutment

The new self-curing Multilink Hybrid Abutment was especially developed for the cementation of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic onto titanium bases (IPs e.max hybrid abutments and IPS e.max hybrid abutment crowns).


The self-adhesive, dual-curing luting composite is even easier to use than a conventional cement. At the same time, it offers the additional advantages of a composite, such as higher bond strength and translucency, as well as lower water solubility.

Vivaglass CEM


The classical self-curing glass ionomer cement is suitable for the cementation of high-strength ceramic materials, such as IPS e.max, among others. It contains a particularly transparent glass filler for achieving esthetic results.

Etching and silanization

Lithium disilicate (LS2) restorations are generally etched before incorporation! IPS Ceramic Etching Gel (20 s) is used to generate retentive bonding surfaces on all-ceramic restorations in preparation for incorporation. It enhances the bonding effect between the luting composite and the ceramic bonding surface.

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